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We live in a chemical world, surrounded by natural or manmade chemicals and articles/artifacts made from them. No wonder, chemical process industry is, and will be, the largest sector of manufacturing industry. If different sectors are considered as planets, chemical industry is the Jupiter.

Chemical Process Industry is extremely capital intensive. Resources get invested in steel and mortar over a large time chunk before the first drop of the intended chemical come out of the process plant. It has therefore remained a mostly exclusive domain of big players. Unlike fast breeding sectors such as IT etc., it rarely provides attractive stories of startups which can capture imagination or grab headlines. However, it continues to invent chemicals and innovative chemical processes. And new process plants of unimaginable capacities keep cropping up from green fields.

50% of capital investment in any chemical process plant is in its equipment. The next major cost component is the piping (25%), and the next instrumentation (10%). IIT Bombay's famous course on Piping Engineering, both in contact and online versions, has catered to the need of creating a cadre of thinking piping engineers for the last 25 years. Although planned long long ago, an online course on Process Equipment Design is materializing only now.



Like our course on Piping Engineering, this course on Process Equipment Design is not only on 'how', but also on 'why'. The foundation for the course is laid in the 2nd and 3rd year courses on Strength of Materials, Applied Mechanics and Pressure Vessel Design of chemical, mechanical engineering UG curricula. This CEP (Continuing Education Programmes) course builds on this background and orients engineers to become successful Equipment Designers in operating or consulting companies.

The course is divided into 8 main parts and a comprehensive case study. The following topics are covered.

-- Life Cycle of a Chemical Process
-- Process Equipment Design: Basics
-- Advanced Theories of Pressure Vessel Design
-- External Pressure Design
-- Nozzle Reinforcement
-- Design of Tall Pressure Vessels
-- Design of Flanges
-- Case Study

Online reading for about 100 hours is expected for full effective assimilation of the course content. The total duration for completing the course is 6 weeks. A qualifying quiz at the end of the course (to be taken online) entitles you to a Participation Certificate from CE&QIP (Continuing Education & Quality Improvement Programmes) of Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India.


The course is eminently suitable for chemical and mechanical engineers. Fresh as well as experienced engineers will benefit from the course. Final year students of these disciplines can also consider this course as a Finishing School.


The course is currently priced at USD 1000 per student. 

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After verification of eligibility and  credit of full course fees to IIT Bombay account, access for 6 weeks will be granted for online reading material. Online content has been created for effective reading using pedagogic tools and style developed earlier for our course on Piping Engineering. Backup support is available throughout the course duration by competent engineers' team at IIT Bombay.


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